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Q : Apakah makna dari bahan organik dalam air ?
A :
Q : My Stingray pups wont eat, what should i do ?
A : Kindly suggest to ask for the seller about the fish health condition and video of the fish eating to make sure the fish is not sick. Please ask the seller which kind of diet or food the seller give to feed the pups, please check your water quality to avoid fish stress before you put it inside your tank or aquarium, make sure you have all the suitable water quality parameter for your ray pups before buying.
Q : How do i know that this Photosynthetic bacteria is working ?
A : After 2-3 weeks we can find the difference of the water quality, the water will be more clear than before and not easily cloudy.
Q : Where do i have to put the photosynthetic bacteria, at the tank or sump filter or direct to the media ?
A : Can put at both places since the bacteria will swim and find the media to grow.
Q : What if i put too much Photosynthetic Bacteria inside my tank or aquarium ?
A : This bacteria wont affect the fish or shrimp or any aquatic animals and plants.
Q : Will it die if we put the Photosynthetic bacteria outside and put in under the sun ?
A : As long the bottle keep close, the bacteria wont die and get healthier because of the ability of the bacteria to Photosynthetis.
Q : After we used the Photosynthetic bacteria and accidently get in touch with hands, do we have to wash our hands ?
A : Yes, because of the bacteria is highly concentrated, hence please wash your hands properly with soap
Q : My tank or aquarium only use top filter without using coral, K1, bio ring, bio ball or media for bacteria to grow, if i use Photosynthetic bacteria will it work ?
A : If the bacteria dont have a media to stay, when we do water change the bacteria will flow out along with the water
Q : Will the Photosynthetic bacteria die if i use UV light ?
A : Yes, the bacteria will die if you use UV light