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  1. We will arrange and send your shipment after we confirmed the payment settled

  2. We will inform and contact you to confirm the date of shipment and time .

  3. We will contact and inform you when the fish or product shipped and provide all the details.

  4. Please leave a message to our staff or at our Facebook fanpage to let us know that you have already received the fish.

  5. For certain places that can not be reached by the shipment courier or bus, we will send to the nearest spot that can be reached by the customer.

  6. If in any case the product or fish(still alive) being returned to us because of no recipient or no one collecting the produk or fish, new shipment fees and cost will be paid by buyer.

  7. Shipment in West Malaysia using courier only can be done at Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Shipment using by bus can be done as long as the bus is availabe at that time. Shipment to East Malaysia and overseas will be done by airplane(only for people can have license to accept the fish), for further information please call (60) 0199992555

    • All price that we charged already exclude shipment fees
    • if the customer didnt take the fish accordingly to the appointed time, our company do not take any responsibility for it.