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Freshwater Stingray

Freshwater Stingray

Keeping freshwater stingray as a pet has been started since a few decades by some hobbist and fish collector, this fish has lots of name due to its shape, size, and places.Due to its unique anatomy flat body with long slender tails that has serrated spines on its tails it resemble UFO, for some people they called it UFO. For some species this fish can reach a humongous size, hence some people called it devilfish. There are dozens of names for this fish but all of them belongs to Potamotrygonidae family.

Freshwater stingrays distribution can be find mostly in the tropical area such as Central and South America and also Asia.But most species that are being breed by hobbist and fish collector come from Central and South America.

Freshwater stingray is a carnivour which means it eats flesh and meat, their diet is variate in the wild, such as live fish and crustaceans such as shrimp and crab. For captive breed stingrays people also already weaned them using dry pellets and other diets too.

Freshwater stingray are sensitive to bad water quality and bad quality of food, when the water quality is bad stingray oftenly will start to secrete mucus to protect itself. It has been proven that the epidermal mucus was found to display some antimicrobial activity against broad range of infectious pathogens such as (Micrococcus luteus and Escherichiacoli) and yeast (Candida tropicalis) without hemolytic activity.(1)

A few tips before you buy stingray, make sure you watch it eat, know what it eats. Make sure it's been eating and its flat body has humpback on their back, healthy and fat stingray are easier to take care. If it's eating but still looks skinny, it probably has parasites or bacteria infection to their internal organs because of bad quality of food given during the pregnancy. If it already eat the live tubifex or silk worms make sure to
wean them to eat frozen fresh prawn and fish or dry sink pellet so it will be much easier to take care.

After the stingray eat, small stingray has only a small stomachs, eventhough they have high metabolism and can eat a lot, dont feed them with food which is too hard for them to digest. Feed them with small portion but frequently, dont overfeed them since it will only deteroriate the water quality and make them not active.
Healthy and active ray will keep swimming and hunt for food all the time, feed them with high protein diet to get them to put on size and weight fast.

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Freshwater Stingray
Fresh water Stingray